Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed

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Product Features

  • 4-in-1 inflatable bed ideal for accommodating overnight guests
  • Works as 2 twin beds, single king-sized bed, or twin double-high bed
  • Coleman’s AirTight system guarantees leak-proof performance
  • Heavy-duty PVC formula; time-saving Wrap ‘n’ Roll construction
  • Soft suede top for comfort; each mattress measures 74 x 5 x 39 inches (W x H x D)
  • Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed Review

    The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is an exciting and new product from Coleman Company, a manufacturer and seller of camping products. One of their most popular products is the Quickbed, a portable bed that quickly inflates and deflates for easy use. You can imagine how popular this item is on long camping trips. No one likes to sleep on parched ground or stuffed in the back of a car seat. Even if you have the protection of a tent, a sleeping bag is simply not comparable to your own bed.

    Coleman’s 4 in 1 Option Means Flexibility

    Maybe you can’t bring your own bed with you when you go camping (well you could, but dragging that mattress along will take away some of the fun), but you can still enjoy bedroom style luxury even when you’re outdoors and miles away from home. The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is more than just an airbed (inflatable mattress). This product actually has styles of four airbeds in one purchase.

    While there are only two airbeds provided, they can be combined to create four sleeping arrangements. The first and second option is to use the two airbeds as two separate twin beds. This is a great idea if you’re camping with a buddy, with a pair of kids or if your significant other is not speaking to you. Option three is to put the two beds together to make for one colossal king-size bed. Don’t worry, it’s not a “fake” king-size bed that merely involves shoving two mattresses together. These two beds actually combine by way of zipping together, making the bed one piece and without any awkward spaces in between. Option four is putting one of the two Quickbeds on top of the other so as to create a twin double high bed. You can combine the two mattresses by way of zipping, stacking and snapping. Just a few hand movements and you can have a bed as high as your own master bed.

    Advanced Technology for Outdoor Bedding

    These mattresses when inflated measure 74 x 39 x 5 inches. Each twin has a 32 coil system, ensuring that they are sturdy and can support your weight. The beds are made using heavy duty PVC construction, which is resistant to punctures and leaks. The Coleman Airtight system has Advanced Double Lock Valve technology, which uses two methods to lock in the air after inflation. When you’re ready to inflate the bed, all you need is a pump (not included) to increase the Quickbed’s firmness. When you are ready to leave camp, just deflate the bed and use the Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system to store and transport it. This saves you a lot of transport time. All you have to do is roll the bed into the attached carrier and then tie it up. There you have it—a bed in a bag!

    The shipping weight for the Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is 14.6 pounds, making it relatively light in its deflated form. With all of this convenience, it might seem that the bed might feel rough or overly balloon-like. Not so, because the top of the bed has a soft suede-like top making it feel like a truly luxurious interior bed. Bring along a few pillows and a standard twin or king-size sheet, and you’re ready to go. Er, ready to sleep.

    Excellent for Exterior or Interior Use

    The 4-1 angle is a good one, as it is a very flexible piece of bedding, and can be used for a variety of purposes. It makes a lot of sense to buy one or two of these products and thus have four extra beds for a full party camping event. This bed is strong enough and comfortable enough to be used inside the house as an emergency bed for your guests. Your guests will probably be relieved to have an actual bed as opposed to a couch, a floor or the cold “Hey, there’s a hotel right around the corner” offer. However, it was designed for harsh exteriors like forest, concrete and grass. This is a 4-1 Quickbed that is easy to use, hard to destroy and just as welcoming as your own master bed. Why not include this portable bed in your upcoming travel or hospitality plans?

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